Pinoy Weddings Blog : Things to Remember When Designing Your Wedding Invitations

Ah Yes, its finally time to plan your wedding day, stress and excitement fill your every day. You’ve already decided on your Church Venue, How your Reception would look like and how much weight  you’ll need to lose to fit into your wedding dress. But wait!? Have you sent out your invitations yet? 

Its fairly common in Pinoy Culture that invitations are pretty much towards the end of your check list, after all how hard can it be to send a couple pieces of paper, Right? Oh how wrong you could be.

At Paperbug&Co, we’ve seen this time and time again, Invitations just dont get the love they deserve :(, but read on and get the tips you need to get started on your dream wedding invite.

A Formal Invite is always the best way to go

Sending out a barrage of text, facebook post and starting messenger groups can be easy, quick and free. But why send out formal invites? Because Wedding Invitations are not only formal or traditional, having something you can touch and feel is much more “personal, intimate & even practical”. “Personal” because it reflects your personalities and a couples love for one another, “Intimate” because you’ve chosen and pre-selected the friends or family that you want to be part of your wedding day. “Practical” because you don’t want a ton load of text messages or facebook PM’s during your wedding day, you don’t want your guest to get lost while on their way to the venue , right?

Obvious Stuff out of the way

Naturally before getting started, the best thing you can do is write down the following to make sure you’ve got everything ready, this of course means to double checking everything, what you’ll need are the following:

Both your full names
Parents Names
Ceremony Details (Time Start, Church Address)
Reception Details (Optional Time Start, Reception Address)
Entourage Details (Principal Sponsors, Secondary Sponsors)
Dress Code
RSVP Details

Optional :
Gift Request
Special Request like Adult Only Affairs

Choose a design that reflects your personalities

It’s easy to just go to pinterest and start following whats new, but remember a wedding invitation is a preview of your event, a glimpse to something grand or something simple, in a way it reflects your love to one another. While it may wither in time, saving it as keepsake and the overall experience of choosing this and that together as a couple is certainly something that is memorable.

Be careful what you say (or not)

Of course, its “standard procedure” to keep things formal like using your legal name over your nickname, or keeping designation to special guest like politicians like “honorable” etc, while that may be true, we at Paperbug always feel that this is your wedding and you should have free reign to whatever it is you want! If you want to keep it light and classy, do just that. Wanna go crazy? Go for it (ok maybe not crazy, but you get the point :) )

Their are of course rules that you can follow so that your guest can easily find what they need to know, which leads us to…

Proof Read Proof Read Proof Read

You don’t want to receive that text message saying “Mali po yung name ni daddy” or you managed to forget the ceremony time was adjusted.  In any case, sitting down and double checking everything from time, addresses and spelling is something that you’ll be thankful that you took the time to double check. Or Triple Check.

You don’t need to give every guest an invite

Be practical! If you were inviting your titas and titos, both of them dont need a copy of a invitation now do they? A Good rule of thumb is you should need divide your number of guest by half to get a good idea on how many invites you’ll need to send. Have 100 guests? Then 50 should be ok :)\

But do send them early!

For Filipino weddings, we typically see formal invitations being sent anything from 1 month to 6 Months before your wedding day, with special emphasis on your Principal and Secondary Sponsors given priority since they’re part of your entourage. A good idea is to send the word either thru social media or other traditional means to give these guest a invitation as early as you’ve decided you want them to be part of your wedding entourage (make sure to let them know asap! and let them know they’re formal invite will come later on)

Still Stuck? Further Readings below , or better yet get in touch with us today! Leave it to the professionals!