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Looking for the best wedding invitations? Or the hippest wedding souvenirs? We know that everything starts with an idea, at Paperbug &Co We Help couples get a head start with their Wedding Invitations, Parents for theirs daughter debut invitation, or their baby’s christening invitation.

Paperbug&Co handles all the thinking, design & production of your stationery, while you go about choosing any paper texture, colors & aesthetics. Already have a design in mind? We have you covered! Send us your ideas and we’ll make sure the final outcome it up to the highest standards!

Why Customers Love Us!

Designs You’ll Love!

Want it Classy? Hip? Or Classic? Whichever you want it, we have it or we’ll make it just for you :)

Quality Prints + Workmanship

No cheap inks here, our LED printers ensure that you get bright, clear and colourful prints everytime, and oh yeah we’re pretty good at the details.

Whole Range of Materials

Lots of options from material thickness, color and texture to complement every design!

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Need more Customizations?

We know you want your invite to be your own, that is why every invite can be customized according to your taste, starting from the content, fonts and color themes.
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